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Integrated brand and product promotion

Embedded promotion organically places your products and brand imagery inside of the content being consumed by our influencers’ viewers. Whether you have a product that you’d like our influencers to use in their videos or posts, or a brand image you would like in the background or foreground of the content your demographics are consuming, this avenue of integrated promotion increases your brand recognition through content that your demographics personally connect with.

exclusive influencer and brand events

Bringing your brand to life through event-based promotion connects your brand’s style, values, and imagery to not only the event’s attendees, but also all those who hear about the event as well. Whether you are a product or service-based company, the value derived from tying your brand with the atmosphere of the event can forever etch in your consumers’ minds a link between a great time and your brand.

sponsorships and brand ambassadors

By linking your brand with an influencer through a campaign, sponsorships utilize an influencer’s fame and public recognition to link their following and goodwill to your brand’s public image. Perfect for product-based companies looking to increase their recognition among their target consumers, sponsorships with the right influencers can skyrocket your brands reach and affection.

Navigating the constantly evolving landscape of digital and social media marketing requires diligence, experience, and a topographical perspective of the landscape. Leveraging our marketing, business, and technical expertise we help companies keep up with this changing world. Whether its creating a comprehensive social media marketing strategy or training a team of brand ambassadors, our team is ready to sit down with yours to help you meet your goals.

consulting services

Social Media management services


4 Custom Posts/Month

Hashtag Optimization


per month


10 Custom Posts/Month

Hashtag Optimization

1  Blog Post/Month


per month


15 Custom Posts/Month

Hashtag Optimization

2  Blog Posts/Month

1 Product/Service Video


per month


30 Custom Posts/Month

Hashtag Optimization

4  Blog Posts/Month

4 Product/Service Video

4 Ad Campaigns


per month

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With a vast network of influencers and social media stars, having a combined international reach of over 350 million followers, Kanim Media has the marketing and business expertise to deliver comprehensive and multi-pronged marketing solutions to boost your company’s reach and connect with your target demographics. Our network targets those consuming content in the comedy, fashion, beauty, travel, vlogging, food, lifestyle spaces – and a multitude of others. Through them, we deliver services that are multi-fold, creative, and often used in unison by our clients to deliver the strongest and farthest reach while still remaining cost-effective.


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